KONTINUUM is an umbrella project for the furtherance of extended reality productions in the field of performing arts and live music. Embracing and enhancing the transmedia approach developed in their last production, CIE ACROSS focuses on creative and technical processes to reveal the potential of hybrid productions for cultural venues in Switzerland and abroad.

We form a collective initiative that aims to advance the practice and performance of art in the form of a transmedia open space: forever, without interruption, and in line with an open appearance of culture and society.


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The Origin of Live @ Gessnerallee

10.11 - 12.11.2022

Theater Gessnerallee, Z├╝rich

XRH2O @ Lethargy 2022 – canceled


Rote Fabrik, Zurich

In developing our transmedia process, we are considering the topology of the existing cultural space and the implicit participation of the audience, sharpening our approach to the possibilities offered by anchoring the production and diffusion of performances in the hybrid space in real time using the Microsoft Azure SDK to interpret and diffuse performance data over a variety of synced media chanels. We work to relate directly with existing events, organizers, and venues, creating technical processes that would enable a bottom-up growth of a hybrid network, that focuses on the value of IRL performances and the added value real-time transmedia diffusion to digital stages.

  • Audiovisual Installation
    • Audiovisual Installation are the backbone of our hybrid performance process.
  • Video Streams
    • We use our hybrid process to augment the potential of our storyworlds by reframing the live streams of our performances with the vfx and interactive capabilities of game engines.
    • Youtube
  • VR Experiences
    • We are working on a VR client that will open a further real time window in our transmedia approach.
  • Valerio Spolentini
    • Visual installation and light design
  • Georg Bleikolm
    • Concept, music and performance and design
  • Sylvie Cheng
    • Dance and performance
  • Oliver Sali
    • Programmer, 3D Design